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HRDF HRD Corp Claimable Machine Learning Training

August 8 @ 9:00 am - August 9 @ 5:00 pm

HRDF HRD Corp Claimable Machine Learning Training

HRDF HRD Corp Claimable Machine Learning Training

100% HRDF / HRC Corp Claimable Machine Learning Training

8-9 August 2024 – 9am till 5pm

Face-to-Face Classroom

What ML Machine Learning Automation?
As a subset of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) is a field of computer science that focuses on the analysis and interpretation of patterns and structures in data to achieve learning, reasoning and decision making outside of human interaction. In short, machine learning enables users to provide large amounts of data to computer algorithms and enables the computer to analyze and make data-driven recommendations and decisions based solely on the input data. . If corrections are identified, the algorithm can incorporate this information to improve its future decisions.

How does machine learning work?

Machine learning consists of three parts:

  • The calculation algorithm at the center of decision making.
  • The variables and characteristics that condition the decision.
  • Basic knowledge of the known answers allows (train) the system to learn.

Best HRDF HRD Corp Claimable Machine Learning Training Course in Malaysia

If you have programming experience or are looking to get started for the first time, this will allow you to quickly hone your skills in Python and data. In the real world. The seminar will use a comprehensive basic knowledge of Python and various tools used in data science. This Machine Learning is intended for a manager or product, product, mathematician, business manager, anyone who wishes to learn about Python coding.

Machine learning is an exciting branch of artificial intelligence that revolves around learning about us in the world. Just as Facebook recommends stories in its feed, machines are unleashing the power of data in new ways. Computer programs that automatically access data and perform tasks can be predicted and detected. Machine learning enables computer systems to continuously learn and apply from experience.

As you feed data to the machine so that you can “learn” the algorithm, your improvement contributes to the bottom line. When you ask Alexa to stream her favorite music station to Amazon Echo, she joins the most listened to the station; the station wins by telling Alexa to skip songs, edit shows, and other inputs. This is all due to the rapid development and emergence of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Why learning HRDF HRD Corp Claimable Machine Learning Course for business?

Health care. The proliferation of sensors and wearable devices, from pulses and steps to blood sugar and oxygen levels, and even sleep patterns, has generated massive amounts of data that enable clinicians to assess real life. The new machine-learning algorithm can detect cancerous tumors on mammograms; another can identify skin cancer; the third can analyze retinal images to diagnose diabetic retinopathy.

Government. Systems using machine learning allow government officials to use data to predict possible future scenarios and adapt to rapidly changing conditions. Machine learning can help improve cybersecurity and cyber intelligence, support counterterrorism efforts, optimize operational readiness, logistics management and predictive maintenance, and reduce failure rates. This recent article highlights 10 other machine learning applications in the healthcare industry.

Marketing and sales. Machine learning is even revolutionizing the marketing industry, as many companies have successfully implemented artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to increase customer satisfaction by more than 10%. In fact, according to Forbes, “57% of business leaders believe that the most important growth benefit of artificial intelligence and machine learning will be improved customer experience and support.

Ecommerce and social media. Sites use machine learning to analyze your shopping and search history and recommend other items to buy based on your past habits. Many experts believe that the future of the retail industry will be driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning because deep learning business applications will be better at capturing, analyzing, and using data to personalize business experiences. “Buy individuals and develop targeted and personalized marketing activities.”

Transport. Efficiency and accuracy are the keys to profitability in the industry, as is the ability to predict and mitigate potential problems. Machine learning’s data analysis and modeling capabilities are ideal for companies in the express delivery, public transport and freight industries. Machine learning uses algorithms to find the factors that positively and negatively impact supply chain success, making machine learning a key part of supply chain management.

Financial services. The information provided by machine learning in the industry allows investors to discover new opportunities or know when to trade. Data mining can identify high-risk customers and report network monitoring to detect and mitigate signs of fraud. Machine learning can help calibrate financial investment portfolios or assess the risks of underwriting loans and insurance.

Oil and Gas. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are already struggling to find new sources of energy and analyze underground mineral deposits, predict sensor failures in oil refineries, and optimize performance. distribution of oil to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Machine learning has also revolutionized the industry with its case-based reasoning, reservoir modeling, and drilling rig automation. Most importantly, machine learning helps make this dangerous industry safer.

Manufacturing. Machine learning is no stranger to the huge manufacturing industry. Machine learning applications in the manufacturing industry aim to achieve the goals of improving operations, from conceptualization to final delivery, dramatically reducing error rates, improving predictive maintenance, and increasing turnover. stocks.

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August 8 @ 9:00 am
August 9 @ 5:00 pm
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