HRDF Microsoft Excel Training

HRDF Microsoft Excel Training


Malaysian workers get the tools they need to do their jobs better through HRDF Claimable Training in Microsoft Excel. It only takes 2 days and 14 hours to do.

100% Claimable HRDF Course, under HRD Corp Claimable Scheme. Employer will not be required to pay a single cent for training fees; we will claim the full amount of training fees after completion of the training from HRD Corp.

HRDF Microsoft Excel Training

Because of its adaptability and extensive capacity for data analysis, having a working knowledge of Microsoft Excel has become very necessary for Malaysian workers to have in today’s fast-paced and competitive corporate environment. Excel is an essential programme for employees to learn since it enables them to streamline tasks, effectively organise and analyse data, and make decisions based on knowledge gleaned from datasets. Learning Excel is essential. Training in Excel can be beneficial to employees serving a variety of roles. Professionals in finance and accounting are able to properly manage financial data, whereas data analysts and researchers are able to efficiently modify and analyse massive datasets. Project managers are able to plan and monitor the development of their projects, while marketing and sales teams are able to handle leads and analyse market data.

Topics covers in HRDF Microsoft Excel Training

Excel Power Query and Excel Power Pivot are two examples of present trends in Excel usage. Other recent developments in Excel usage include enhanced data visualisation techniques and integration with other apps. Excel training is beneficial to employees because it improves their efficiency by teaching them ways that save time and reduces the number of errors they make. Additionally, it improves prospects for job progression and makes it possible to make decisions based on facts. Employees from Malaysia who have successfully completed Excel training will be able to demonstrate an advanced level of expertise in Excel functions, formulae, data manipulation techniques, and advanced features such as Power Query and Power Pivot. They will be able to develop dynamic charts and reports for effective data visualisation and utilise their knowledge of Excel to find solutions to real-world business difficulties. The training will cover the fundamentals of Excel, including navigating the interface, entering and formatting data, formulae and functions, data analysis tools, advanced charting, as well as optional subjects such as macros and automation, in addition to integrating Excel with other Office products.


Why taking HRDF Claimable Microsoft Excel Training

Microsoft Excel training helps Malaysian personnel to boost productivity, improve decision-making, and obtain a competitive advantage in their respective professions. By adopting Excel training, professionals may realise its full potential to improve job productivity, analyse data effectively, and contribute to their organisations’ overall success. Malaysian professionals who are proficient in Excel are well-equipped to thrive in today’s data-driven corporate climate.


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