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HRDF HRD Corp Claimable Video Editing Training

January 4 @ 9:00 am - January 5 @ 5:00 pm

HRDF HRD Corp Claimable Video Editing Training

HRDF HRD Corp Claimable Video Editing Training

100% HRDF / HRD Corp Claimable Video Editing Training

4-5 January 2024 – 9am till 5pm

Face-to-Face Classroom

Why study video editing and montage effects? How important knowing these skills in 2023-2024 as content creators?

Although the popularity of cameras on mobile makes it easier than ever to record video, there is still some stigma attached to editing video. In all fairness, the stigma is well-founded as editing videos can be complicated and usually requires a certain amount of technical knowledge and experience. Many tips for using Windows can be found in Windows Maximizer, or read on to learn more about video editing in a comprehensive way, all these will be taught in HRDF HRD Corp Claimable Video Editing Training Course Malaysia.

While you may think you can do this without learning how to edit a video, and you may have successfully removed it so far, there are actually plenty of good reasons to learn. New software, gadgets, and tech gadgets keep coming out, and it’s very important to stay up to date. It may take a while, but these 3 reasons should convince you to learn the importance of video editing.

This movie is very influential
Compared with other types of media, video can have a greater impact-it is shown by its number of views, engagement, and various other indicators. However, this effect depends on several factors. Therefore, the videos need to be edited to ensure that they reach their full potential.

Assembly is easier than you think, contrary to popular belief, editing videos is much easier than you think. Although the learning curve may be steep, it largely depends on the editor used. Nowadays, there are more user-friendly editors that are more intuitive, easier to use, and not as intimidating as professional editors. Of course, learning to edit video is still a tedious task, but many horror stories that may disappoint you don’t actually apply.

HRDF HRD Corp Claimable Video Editing Training Course Malaysia is a simple and easy-to-use video editor you might want to try. It is an intuitive video editing training that allows you to easily ensure that you can use these functions through experiments without having to go through a complicated learning process.

Introduction to HRDF HRD Corp Claimable Video Editing Training 2024 Course

  • Create and edit videos with Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Animate titles and graphics using Adobe After Effects
  • Use Adobe Premiere Pro to process audio
  • Understand the concepts of video editing and motion graphics to create unique videos for your portfolio
  • Take your current software and video editing skills to the next level
  • Learn about video editing principles and best practices to create unique videos from concept to production
  • Create valuable projects to show potential customers

HRDF HRD Corp Claimable Video Editing Training 2024: Step of Video Editing and Montage Effects

  • Basic to Intermediate Level of Adobe Premiere Pro & Adobe After Effects
  • StoryBoard layout, Ideas and Concept, Timeline control, Camera and Camcorder Control understanding concept
  • With HRDF HRD Corp Certificate of Completion once training finished

HRDF HRD Corp Video Editing Claimable Course 2024: Technical Factors in Video Editing, using Adobe Premiere Pro

With its familiar non-linear editing interface, unparalleled technology ecosystem, and powerful functions, Adobe Premiere Pro has become the industry standard video editing software. Since the last time I browsed this excellent app, it has supported 360 VR content, 4K (and higher) and HDR videos, and Lumetri Color tools. It also adds world-class collaboration features. All these elements make Premiere very worthy of professional video editing software.

Apple has made a major breakthrough in updating Final Cut Pro X. Adobe continues to use incremental methods to improve the user interface and add the latest tools to its professional Premiere Pro CC video editing software. Those who are accustomed to traditional non-linear digital video editing tools will appreciate the familiar approach of Premiere. However, with its support, Final Cut provides innovative tools, such as link editing, audition, and incognito programs, which can simplify the editor’s work.

Adobe Premiere Pro Interface
Premiere Pro has a beautiful and flexible interface. The main view is a quick way to enter the project you are working on, start a new project, or find Adobe Stock. The dark window of the program focuses on editing, and you can switch between functions such as compilation, editing, colors, effects, audio, and titles. You can edit this content or create your own custom workspace. You can even delete one of its control panels and place it anywhere on the screen. Now you can create content fields based on search terms.

Transition and effect
HRDF HRD Corp Claimable Video Editing Training Course Malaysia using Adobe Premiere Pro as video editing software, you’ll be surprised to find that Premiere Pro only comes with 38 transition options by default (you can of course install additional plugins). In the professional community, most of the hundreds of transitions like CyberLink PowerDirector are considered sticky. When professionals want to make a sophisticated transition, they can do it in After Effects. Create your own custom and eye-catching transitions or via a third-party one. Plugins party.

Otherwise, you’ll see all of the video effects you’d expect – keying, lighting, coloring, and transforming. You just have to double click to apply the effect. Use the search box to easily find the effect or transition you want.

The Distortion Stabilization feature provided by After Effects is very effective at smoothing out bumpy video. However, it takes a while to analyze one image at a time. You can adjust the cropping, adjust the percentage of smoothness, and automatically scale the border. But the long wait pays off. In my test, the result is much smoother than Final Cut Pro X.

Processing Angle of Multiple Cameras
Multi-Cam in Premiere can now record an unlimited number of angles, only limited by system functions. Although they are no longer needed for most projects, Final Cut Pro X can only use 64 angles. In Premiere, select your clip and select “Create Multi-Camera Source Sequence” from the context menu or the clip menu. Then choose a synchronization method. The program can now sync clips well to audio, which is very useful for DSLR clips because they have no time code. Like Final Cut, the multi-camera monitor allows you to record angle changes during composite video playback by clicking on the angle thumbnail or its number. You can then use regular editing tools to adjust these parts.

Color Adjustments and Effects
Using the Lumetri color tool in Premiere, the video program will enter the Photoshop state. These tools provide excellent color processing capabilities, as well as a variety of HDR movies and appearances. You can adjust white balance, exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows and black points, all of which can be activated by keyframes. You can also set saturation, vibration, film discoloration and sharpness. But the curve and color wheel options are really impressive. There is also a very cool Lumetri Scope view, which shows the current image using red, green and blue in proportion.

HRDF HRD Corp Claimable Video Editing Course 2024: How important Adobe After Effects in Video Montage Effects

Which Adobe After Effects for Montage Effects from others prepares to a whole set of video proceed

As with other Adobe tools, the beauty of using After Effects is that it works seamlessly with other Adobe tools, allowing you to use other Adobe software (including Photoshop, Illustrator, Character Animator, Adobe XD), native documents, and Import and use animations.

The HRDF HRD Corp Claimable Video Editing Training Course of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has awarded Adobe After Effects with science and technology awards. If you haven’t used the tool, it’s best to start with the Adobe Help Tutorial. They’ll walk you through the basics and help you better understand how and when to use After Effects and other Adobe software when working on video projects. (Many designers will find that they use both After Effects and Premiere Pro for many tasks that include video or animation and animation.)

What can you do with Adobe After Effects?
With so many tools, what can you do with Adobe After Effects? It is essentially designed for creating and using motion graphics. You can process two-dimensional materials and layers in 3D space For new editors, the biggest drawback is the learning curve associated with After Effects. Fortunately, everything seems to be possible these days, because there is a YouTube tutorial for every topic you are looking for. After Effects is no exception. I am not under pressure! YouTube is your friend, allowing you to easily learn the software. Whenever I try to use every opportunity to develop my skills, I still rely heavily on YouTube tutorials to complete my projects.

Some YouTube videos can help you get started:

  • Basic knowledge of After Effects
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Convert After Effects graphics to MOGRT
  • Improved graphic animation
  • The limitations of Premiere motion graphics are these limitations. Graphic animation in After Effects is very simple. Once you learn it. (Cough, YouTube) However, After Effects opens more doors for typography, visual effects, and 3D animation, which is cooler than anything you do in Premiere. It is worth learning the software just to use After Effects for graphics.

Some of the things you can do with After Effects:

  • Create a series of titles for movies or videos
  • Compost 3d rendering material
  • Create 2D cartoon animations or characters
  • Simple After Effects aims to enhance material or animation and add effects. However, it is not an editing tool.

After Effects has different functions for different projects. Depending on the type of work you are doing, some options may be more useful than others.

  • Text animation brings letters to life with dynamic composition. You can create animated logos, move 3D text, and even start these projects using predefined templates.
  • Use preset effects to create animations you don’t know about, including rotate, drag, and slide.
  • Remove elements or objects from rich video clips and add new effects to get a full VR experience.
  • Liven up almost anything in any room.
  • Use mesh sculpting tools to make movements and animations more realistic.
  • A wide range of 3D effects can enhance the editing effect.

Idea, Concept, and Export
Short Video Editing Training Course

Although the video production process will vary according to style, content, schedule, workload and budget, there are still some basic building blocks for a successful video producer.

  1. Trial production-all planning and coordination are done here
  2. Production-when you capture all the elements of the final video
  3. Post-production-all elements are edited and merged to create the final video.

You just need to understand the rules and concept of “Video Editing”

You will be taught and train to understand these “Video Production Theories”. And you are ready to do some great design base on your concept and idea.

  • The test production phase includes: Film strategy/goal
  • Budget/scope
  • Story selection
  • Project Plan
  • Scripting
  • Talent/role
  • Requirements for production team/equipment
  • Voice Over

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January 5 @ 5:00 pm
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